the illuminated letter : a lost art

a gallery of my decos

Each of the following is a thumbnail. Clicking on it will take you to a page with the full image and an explanation of how it was made.

gross anatomy  asian deco one  basketweaving for cats  dance...

a deco doll  dieter's nightmare deco  doggie deco  art nouveau deco

embody  flowerhead  fun and games  grounded...

juggler  the letter K  oddly zen  a purple garden

thrill your senses  soul's eyes  stardog  static

trick or treat  one perfect t-shirt  with wings  z e n

the moon   the moon   the moon

more coming soon....
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a lost art : creative letter-writing
some ideas for
writing letters
that go beyond
just pen and ink.

a lost art : decos
what are they
*thumbnails : mine
thumbnails : pages
binding ideas
a lost art : pen pals
how to find them
remember when?
abbreviations : glossary
write me.

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