the illuminated letter : a lost art

Gross Anatomy The scan on this is so bad -- if I get my digital camera working, I'll take another photo.

This is on holographic cardstock that looks like metal (I love it...), with an old anatomy photo colored with gel pens, and a glass marble stuck to it with E-6000 Adhesive (it'll NEVER come off. E-6000 is the best investment you can make if you're attaching 3-D to your work.)

asian deco 1

This is the first deco I ever made. Seriously.

I used japanese paper, a piece of arabic text, regular ol' clip art, and some orange handpressed paper for the cover, and regular cardstock as the base.

I sent this one to Annax, and it seems to be lost somewhere en route to Ireland! *sniffle*


basketweaving for cats


This was a big ol' experiment. I took thin strips of vellum, wove them together through slits in the cover, then covered the inside cover with paper so the end dingleys didn't show.

The cat was carved and printed by Andrea, and was from a swap of finger puppets that I did a long time ago. Isn't it great?

This is a no-theme deco.


dance as if...


This is a deco that's ribbon-bound, made out of a print done by leslie. I just added the quote by Kahil Gibran on both the front cover and the back page, and bound it.

It's so simple, but I really do like this one. (The scan, again, sucks.)


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