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Since I'm a little squeamish about posting other people's work in my own galleries, I thought I'd do the next best thing: let you know where they're already posted so you can get a sense for some of the fabulous things that are flying through the USPS.

Most of these are artists/pals that I'm on various groups with, or who I already correspond with. And, of course, though some of these scans are beautiful, they are NOTHING like the real thing. A scan just can't do justice to how absolutely gorgeous these things are.

Wilde-Isola's Online Photos
This girl is the reason I'm involved with the "good" deco groups. She swapped a few decos with me when I was an utter newbie, and pointed me in the direction of a couple of great yahoo clubs that have just sucked me in. Not only that, but her decos are gorgeous. Don't miss out on her photography, too -- it'll knock your virtual socks off.

Nea's Online Photos:
Nea makes me -drool-. I've seen her work in pages of decos that were sent to me by other people, and I think I want to be her when I grow up.

Ignore the standard clip art she has on her index page (under decofbs on the left). Her decos are more traditional than some of the funkier groups I'm on, but are just as pretty.

Bonnie has this great zine-y style that I just love. She's weird, proud of it, and her stuff is WONDERFUL. Check out the rest of, too -- her other art and her other collections are -great-.

Just the sheer -volume- of this picturetrail site should be enough to make deco-ers drool, but T's absolutely fabulous work makes it almost an orgasmic experience. I love this site.

got a site with your funky, creative, or plain ol' weird work on it? let me know and I'll link you....


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