the illuminated letter : a lost art

Want a pen pal?

I'm slow at answering sometimes, since I generally prefer to have something to write about before I write. Of course, sometimes that means you get three letters a week from me, too. (or strange mail art-y type things. Or decos. Or somethings....)

I'm open to just about any artistic, creative souls who want to write, though. Send me a letter. I'll get back to you soon.

Elizabeth Badurina
5522 Applecross Dr.
Riverside, CA 92507

Oh, and if you're a creepy stalker-type, a prisoner in some kind of institution, or a man looking for love -- you're barking up the wrong tree. My fiancee knows karate, and I have a feral dog and a baseball bat. Send your mail somewhere else.

Write soon! :)


a lost art : creative letter-writing
some ideas for
writing letters
that go beyond
just pen and ink.

a lost art : decos
what are they
thumbnails : mine
thumbnails : pages
binding ideas
a lost art : pen pals
how to find them
remember when?
abbreviations : glossary
*write me.

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