the illuminated letter : a lost art

trick or treat A cute little Halloween deco, just collaged and drawn on to cardstock.

one perfect t-shirt

Playing with theme here, moreso than materials.

The theme: Add pictures/collage of something that no woman (person) should have to be without. One perfect t-shirt starts off the fun.




One night I felt ambitious, and I carved a set of these wings into speedball carving material. (Left and right sides.) This is what the stamp looks like when it's stamped onto regular ol' cardstock and embellished with gel pens.




The last of the experiments with foam -- it's stamped over with something called Foamcore: you heat it up with a blow dryer or heat gun, then press it on something you want to have the impression (inverted) of. In this case, it was my bamboo floor rug.

The binding is wire sewn over a piece of stick bamboo. I love how that came out.


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