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deco doll I'm really playing with form right now, moreso than design. I've made two of these -- one with an actual jointed paper doll attached to the cover (this one -- the arms and legs move to fold up to be easier to mail), and one with arms, legs, and a head attached to a decorated deco base form. I liked this one better.

The whole kit and kaboodle is held together by brass paper fasteners.

dieter's dilemma

This is just collage over a regular stock background, but I like how it came out. I -love- the screaming man pic. (Having been on a diet before, and seeing things like cheesecake would make me feel EXACTLY like this. :)

It's themed: add your favorite candy wrappers. :)


doggie deco


This was the second deco ever. I just love the old postage stamps, and that dog is great.

It's just collaged images and stamps on a stock background, like many of the others.


dragonfly nouveau


Again with the form over look: this is a wire-bound (with glass beads as finials), foam-covered collaged deco. (Say that five times fast!)

The foam is from Wal-Mart, less than a buck a sheet (which is self-adhesive, so you can put the inside covers on without glue!) and it seems really durable. One thing: it can't be stapled or it'll flop open. Wire or sewn bindings seem to work best.

I covered the outside with an old dryer sheet (like Bounce, which is making it smell good...), which gives it texture and a weird tactile thing. It's a multisensory thing.


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