the illuminated letter : a lost art

senses Another on the metallic cardstock, this time not as metal-looking. A little racy, very simple collage, but it came out really well.


My first experiment with wire binding. Not fond of the middle part, but I loved the binding, so I kept it around.

(Actually, I sent it to Annax, and it's missing. *sniffle*)




An experiment with some glitterglue/paint stuff I picked up on the cheap (in the background). The bg is hand-drawn, and the dog himself is made by the very lovely and talented LK Ludwig, for that same finger puppet swap I keep mentioning.


tv zombie


Another experiment. This time, it's with collaging tissue paper onto regular cardstock, then drawing over the top of it.

The letters are rub-ons, and the screen of the TV is actually cut out, with red paper behind it.

I kind of like this one, even though it's a bit messy for my taste.


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