the illuminated letter : a lost art

the juggler I love this one. The background is drawn on cardstock; the juggler was sent to me by the wildly talented Susan H. for the fingerpuppet swap. It's got wire going from hand-to-hand, threaded with beads.

I keep trying to send this one out but changing my mind because I love it so much.

the letter K

A gel pen experiment on card stock. The black square in there is actually a letter K, but it's too reflective for my scanner to understand it.


oddly zen


Another collage, this time with metallic paper on the spine, and that really bizarre guy on the front. It's one of my first decos, and it just seems oddly zen to me.


purple garden


A themed deco - purple and white gardens.

I'm very into imaginary night-gardens. If I could keep anything alive, my garden would be purple and white and orange.


a lost art : creative letter-writing
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