the illuminated letter : a lost art

mosaic-ish I'm not overly happy with this, but it was an attempt at paper mosaic. It's all on a cardstock base, collaged.


This is another one of my absolute favorites.

It's simple collage on cardstock, but the background (orange) is heat-sensitive paper; it'll change to yellow if you hold it with warm fingers, kind of like those old hypercolor shirts from the 1980's.


fun and games


Simple collage again. That vintage toy face just intrigues me.




Another one I'm not happy with out of context. It was an experiment with skeletonized leaves, which I find are -impossible- to write over, and break off very easily.

It's part of a set in progress -- earth, air, fire, and water. I just hated this one so much I haven't done the other ones yet. Maybe I'll rip it apart and do something else with earth.


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