the illuminated letter : a lost art

the moon swap I I love how this came out, even though the scan's crappy. It's irridescent ink stamped over black paper that has "la luna" and "the moon" written all over it in glitter gel pen so that it just looks like a background. For something so simple, I think it's my favorite to date.

the moon swap I

Playing with methodology -- I cut out the moon, the words, and the blue line with an X-acto knife, and put irridescent paper behind it, then glued the inside of the "O"s back on so that they looked like Os.

It's very simple, and kind of boring, but it's kind of neat, too. I like it.


the moon swap I


Another very simple one, with cardstock and a mini-loteria card just stuck right to the front with glue. The bold design of it makes it kind of neat, though.

The inside pages are bright freakin' orange. I'm not sure why I did that, but it makes for a shocking "BAM!!!" moment when you open it up. The scan seems to have cut off the last quarter inch or so of the bottom, but you're not missing much, so it's okay. :)


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