the illuminated letter : a lost art

gorgeous men This is my very simple entry for a "gorgeous men" deco. The blue paper in the bg dodn't scan well, but it's irridescent mylar, which came out quite nicely, even if the scan does look like crap.

I will say that this is one of the better-made decos I've seen, with regards to construction. It's this folio-type thing that closes with velcro! How cool is that?!?

no theme

There was no theme to this deco, so I pugged it up with simple rubberstamps and collage. I kind of like it, despite its simplicity.




I admit it -- I'm a sanrio whore. I joined a swap for sanrio decos, and got a TON of them in the mail. This was my entry in one of them.

The pink dots across the top and bottom of the middlesection are 3-D glue dots. They look like jelly in real life. It's kind of cool.




This was a postage stamps deco. Rather than popping just a bunch of stamps on the page, I collaged it all. This is because I am An Overachiever(tm) at times.


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