the illuminated letter : a lost art

hearts theme simple collage in a hearts theme deco.


Very simple, in a happy birthday deco for someone. This finished up the book, which I sent home.


tiny deco


This was my page in a tiny deco. The form was great -- a tiny (less than 2" all sides) accordian fold booklet that's going to be so much fun to see when it's done.


asian page in a no theme


There was no theme to this deco, and quite honestly, it wasn't very well-made, so I experi-
mented a little with rubber stamps and a chinese fortune cookie fortune. I kind of like how it came out, though I'd make the swirlies a little less dark if I did it again.


a lost art : creative letter-writing
some ideas for
writing letters
that go beyond
just pen and ink.

a lost art : decos
what are they
thumbnails : mine
*thumbnails : pages
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binding ideas
a lost art : pen pals
how to find them
remember when?
abbreviations : glossary
write me.

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