the illuminated letter : a lost art

asian theme 2 I picked up this fabulous japanese paper at this place in Claremont, and had to try using it right away. And thus, this page in an asian-themed deco. :)

It's the same rubber stamp as in the other asian deco, made by Acey Deucy for part of this Asian collection that they recently put out that's FABULOUS. Lovelovelove it.

barbecue woman!

For some reason, I really like this one. It's just funky enough to be kitsch. The photo is an old beach advertisement, and the background was sent to me by the very talented Michelle Merges-Martens as part of a care package that was SO much fun to get in the mail.


favorites collage


Simple magazine collage as part of a deco with a theme of "your favorite things". Pugs, a hand for art (by hand), a suitcase for travel, bath stuff....these are a few of my favorite things.


flower dancing!


As part of a "natural expressions" deco, it's supposed to be a collage depicting the joy of nature. It kind of looks like an ad for feminine products, though, doesn't it? Sorry, Annax. :)


a lost art : creative letter-writing
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a lost art : pen pals
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