ongoing website to-do list

This is largely just for my own benefit.  Obviously.

However, I’m an oversharer.  Also obviously.

Plus, if it’s in a list, it might actually get done, sooner or later.  Accountability, FTW!  Ahem.


  • archive FF articles
  • move FF articles of note over here, tagged/categorized appropriately
  • make FF index page for ease of finding later.
  • archive PB articles
  • move PB articles over here, too, same with the tagging.
  • make the PB post directory, too.  (sensing a trend?)
  • install gallery plugin
  • find and assemble all the art photos, and upload
  • extract the mandala pages and repost as, well, pages.  (I’m getting requests for those.)
  • figure out what to do with the e-courses.  (still for sale?)
  • put up ecourses page, if so.  (change the return sale dealie at paypal and delivery, too.)
  • archive all of PB, update FB page, delete site, remove hosting
  • archive all of FF, delete site, remove hosting
  • update all the letterboxing info
  • move lb info here
  • update AQ & LB listings with new URLs (ugh)
  • give bucket lists their own pages
  • give nerd adventure league its own page
  • get images of smashbooks for gallery
  • find another hosting company  (Dreamhost has been sucking balls for the past few years; I’m done.)
  • make art journal galleries by book
  • make altered book gallery
  • make art of letters pages/mail art pages
  • make timeline pages

I’m sure there’s a thousand more.

Trying to put all these years of collected, fragmented stuff together into one place is a little like trying to stuff ten pounds of flour into a five pound bag.  You can try to do it, but you’re going to make one heckuva mess for a while.

::poof::  <– exploding bag.