starspeak for this week

by elli on August 18, 2013


June 21–July 22

The full moon in your intimacy zone highlights the need to be close to people, to have someone you trust to confide in and to be known inside and out. At the same time, planets in your worth and roots houses are pulling you to rely on yourself and your own resources. Part of you wants to feel safe and secure, but the uncertainty of the future and the power that others hold over you unsettles you occasionally. And yet, your sense of possibility is stratospheric lately, thanks to Jupiter in Cancer. For now, it doesn’t entirely mesh with the opportunities that are popping up—and that disconnect can make you want to jump at the wrong things. With the lively sun and curious Mercury moving into your communication-and-cognition sector, turn your attention to gathering information and keeping in frequent contact with people whom you can learn from. You may be a bit bewildered now, but maintaining a beginner’s mind will work wonders for you.

(According to Free People.)

Not sure if I can totally get behind the whole star sign thing, but sense of possibility thing that’s not meshing with opportunities thing?

Yeah.  That.

Now, for some bewildered beginner’s mind this week.  Given the painting class I’m in, and the analysis of the subconscious/journey symbols that are being interpreted this week, giving voice to all those guides we barely know are there most of the time….it’s a good time for some Beginner’s Mind.

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