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by elli on August 16, 2013

i am the one who howls


A while back (and I mean a long while back), I made a bunch of SoulCollage cards.  (2003, maybe?  Somewhere around there.  Maybe 2001.  I forget years.)

The process is really simple.  Tear out or gather together images that, for one reason or another, speak to you.  Glue them down in a way that’s pleasing to you, on a standard-size substrate.  (Matting board, precut to 5×7″, bought at Hobby Lobby for like three bucks as scrap is what I’m using, which is much easier than trying to cut mat boards yourself.  Stuff is superstrong.)

When you’re done, you separate them out into suits, which Serena Frost, author of SoulCollage, explains in great detail in her book.  You follow an intuitive process where you ask the card Who are you?, and let it tell you what it means, beginning with the phrase I am the one who….

It sounds a little fluffy woo-woo.  But I like fluffy woo-woo sometimes, so I’m good with that.

Because I’ve got roughly four billion magazine images ripped out and sitting in an expanding file next to my feet, under the desk, this last week, I thought I’d use up some more of that mat board and just see what came up.

The process was really fun to get back into.  I have backgrounds for some more cards, and a stack of magazines that I should have tossed out long before this just sitting here waiting.  The actual doing portion of cardmaking doesn’t take all that long, which is good for these end-of-summer days where I seem to be trying to compress three months of summer into three weeks of frenzied activity before the leaves start falling and we’re all confined indoors for the interminable winter.  The intuitive part, though, where the questions are asked and answered, and the cards are separated into suits — that takes a little longer, and a whole lot more brainpower than I currently possess.  I figure if I make a bunch of them, I can do the deep stuff when I’m not running around like a crazyperson with work and life and classes.

Do check out SoulCollage, though, whether you’re an artist or not.  It’s a great way to access some insight and have some fun in the process.

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