Meditation? Journey? CTFD?

by elli on August 24, 2013

I’m in this group of women (all of whom, I believe, are younger and far more motivated than me, but I like being around them because I learn a ton from them), who are all doing a meditation challenge for the month of August.

I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to participate fully this month, due to a particularly challenging month of juggling classes, harvest, and work — but September marks a change of season for me in more ways than one:  my “official” class ends, though I’m planning on working through the material for a second, more leisurely time (or more quickly; depends on internal pacing and the absorption of said work), and work’s finally back down to a dull roar, versus the OMG PAY ATTENTION TO ME type screaming level at which it’s been for eight long weeks.

So I’m thinking about striking out on my own in September and doing the month-long challenge by myself.  I could use a heaping dose of Calm The F**k Down, whether that’s in traditional meditation or journeywork, which is the direction in which I’m leaning.  (I need more journeywork.  I feel like the Council’s starting to come together and the messages I get are nothing short of incredible.)

might end up making a page to record it here, just for my own accountability, though I’ve got a great logsheet that Marissa put together already.

We’ll see.  I’ve got another week or so to decide.

I don’t think anybody’s reading this yet, since I haven’t really told anybody about this bloggybit.  (That’s not what it’s for, after all.  I’m just collecting bits of life right now.  Maybe later I’ll let people peek or whatever.)  But if you’re reading this anyway — do you meditate?  How?  When?  How often?


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