Just the Sun {nerd alert}

by elli on August 26, 2013



There’s a little part of me (little but loud) that says that if I could pick up one of these from GoalZero ($329 msrp), that I could totally travel the countryside by bike or something, living in a tent from campground to campground, and still be connected to the outside world.

Granted, that fails to take into account the fact that I’m a pretty pretty princess and would get tired of sleeping on the ground after a few days (most likely) and would cry if there were large bugs.

Maybe car camping.  (Though the gas would kind of negate the whole off-the-grid benefits.)

(Also, this thing weighs more than 13 pounds, which would make backpacking/biking unpleasant. It’d be like carrying my smallest dog on my back all the time.  Which, frankly, I sometimes have to do, because he’s needy.  Beside the point.)

Also:  I still have too much stuff.

Must remedy this soonish.

(Can you tell I haven’t had nearly enough coffee yet today to be coherent?  Why, yes.  Yes, you can.)

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