dreadheads, unite

by elli on August 15, 2013

I put in elflocks (the pasty cracker version of dreadlocks) in May 2013.  I’ll probably talk about them at some point, because I love them.  There are days when they teach me humility, of course, but I really don’t know why I waited 42 years to try them.

This is a really great resource on baby dread maintenance. Since I’m the only person I know around here with (intentional) dreads, I went through a lot of internet googling to find good info, and this was the most concise info I found.

Now if I could just convince my mother that dreadlocks don’t mean you’re a meth addict, terrorist, or badger-worshipping hippie, I’d be set.


“Why did you do that to your hair?”

“Because I like it, Mom.”

“But why?  Why that?  Does it mean something?”

“It means I like it.”

“Are you sure?”

(repeat ad nauseum.)

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