{call of the wild}

by elli on August 22, 2013

Once a month, in my little hamburg, they test the air raid/storm warning sirens. (More tornado siren than air raid these days, I’d assume, but whatever…)

About half way through, the dogs catch a sound that makes them sit up and take notice.  The sirens sustain a tone, and then wind down, like a baritone sliding down scales rather than hitting each note individually.  It sounds, I believe, like wolf calls.

The eldest will sit up, and without even looking around, answer the call.  Her head thrown back, she matches the second tone, telling the imaginary pack where she is.  The other two follow suit, mimicking this little pack’s alpha dog.

It reminds me of the deep connection we have with the world, that howl.  How we’re only several steps removed from the forest and the dirt and the hunt.

How we’re all just a step from the howl.

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