making mandalas

the first mandala I made

The process for making these is exceedingly easy.

1. Pick an image, any image. This started out as the cow head that I've got stuck on my body in an earlier post. (And I only picked that because it was here on the desktop, though I may just make this my PMS Mandala.)

2. With Photoshop's angled-lasso tool (the one that looks like the lasso, only with straight lines), select a triangle, any part of the image with some contrast is good. The longer and thinner it is, the better. Too thin, though, and it'll take you forever. Experiment with this a bit.

3. Copy the selection and close the original image. Open a new file and paste the triangle in, three times, each to its own layer.

4. With the "EDIT --> TRANSFORM" option, select ROTATE, and move the little crosshatch in the middle of your selection down to the pointy end of your triangle. Rotate it just far enough that the left side of your selection matches up to the right side of the first triangle you pasted.

5. Repeat that for the third triangle you cut and pasted.

6. Hit CTRL-E twice, to make the three triangles into one unit.

7. Go to LAYER --> DUPLICATE LAYER and hit enter past the dialog box. Then go back to EDIT --> TRANFORM, and pick "Transform Again", twice or three times, and the new hunk should match up perfectly with the old hunk o' three. CTRL-E to make that all into one unit.

8. Repeat #7 until you've got your triangles all the way around. It should make kind of a nifty little kaleidoscope pattern.

9. Now, pick the Marquee tool and use the circular marquee (while holding down SHIFT to keep it a perfect circle) to make it all circular instead of angular. (You can cut and paste it all to a new file if you'd like, or just do a SELECT --> INVERSE and use the eraser tool to make it all round and stuff.

10. Then just play with it using the ADJUST --> HUE/SATURATION buttons until you like the color, or add in some filters or just essentially play with it. I do find that adding an EDIT --> STROKE to it really holds it all together, but that's also personal preference. :)

Have fun! Post me some pics and tell me if it's okay to use them in this next issue of IQ. :)