Name: California Redwoods
Placed by: Eliza B./Moderngypsy
date placed: 07/03/02
nearest town: Crescent City, CA, USA
location: Jeddediah Smith State Park, CA
county: ??? (sorry, not from here)
difficulty: Relatively easy clues and hike, on established trail

From highway 101 either N or S, take the exit for 199 East to Grant's Pass. It's 9 miles east of Crescent City, on the left-hand side of the road.

Find the visitor's center. Follow the signs or ask at the gate. (There is a day-use fee of $2, and it's worth it. This is a great, relatively lesser-known park in the redwoods.)

Park across the road next to the bathrooms. (they'll be on your left.) Follow the path AROUND the bathrooms to the northeast, and find a sign that leads to the nature trail.

Go along the nature trail. There are some beautiful views of the river, and some places to veer off and go to the beach if you'd like to be sidetracked. To find the box, stay straight when you can turn.

When you get to the short post marked with an "8", turn right and go to the end of the straightaway, where the path turns left. Turn around and go back the way you came for 8 steps or so, until you're between two halves of a fallen log that was cut away to let people walk through. On the side furthest from the river, on the left side of the path, under the log is the box!

While you're here, don't miss the summer bridge, which they build fresh every year. It's only a half-mile walk to Stout Grove, which is an impressive stand of old-growth redwoods that makes you feel very tiny indeed. (They were building the bridge the day we were there, or the box would be in Stout Grove, in fact. :>)

please also see the letterboxing USA site for all the regular disclaimers and waivers that you assume when you decide to go out looking for boxes. (blah blah blah, legalese saying that you know it's your own fault if you get bit by stuff, fall off a cliff, or if things aren't where they're supposed to be. That kind of thing.)