Name: Heart of Lake Washington
Placed by: Eliza B./Moderngypsy
date placed: 08/01/02
nearest town: Seattle, WA, USA
location: Mercerdale Park
county: King
difficulty: easy-ish hike, easy clues.
cautions: May be some poison ivy, be careful.

From I-5, take the I-90 East exit and follow I-90 to exit 7A (77th SE). Take a right from the end of the exit onto 77th, and follow it 3-4 blocks to where it dead-ends. In front of you is the park. :) Park nearby, and find the place where 77th meets 33rd, (where 77th dead-ended). You're here. :)

Find the recycling center. To the right is a circular garden, and at the back, a set of stairs that starts the trail.

Follow the trail up the stairs. Continue until the stairs split into two, and take the left fork. Follow the path down and to the right, and continue on the gravel path until it ends.

Turn left onto the concrete car-path, and follow it down the hill until you get to the stone road on the left side. Turn that way and follow the road until you get to the sidewalk and follow it around a slight left. (There may be a fence in your way, if so, follow the perimeter around.)

You will come upon a sign on your left side that explains the rules of the concrete jungle. Go past the sign to the very back corner of the cement. There will be a wood-chipped path to your right. Follow it.

Go leftish on the path. You'll see a bench on your left side. Go forward to the Y (several steps), and to right to the next bench.

Facing the bench, look to your right. There's a cut piece of a log. Facing it, there's another wood piece on its left side. Move it, and the box is under the log in a hollowed-out space.

This is a high-traffic area, so please make sure to replace the wood chunk over the log hollow when you replace the box! Thank you!

please also see the letterboxing USA site for all the regular disclaimers and waivers that you assume when you decide to go out looking for boxes. (blah blah blah, legalese saying that you know it's your own fault if you get bit by stuff, fall off a cliff, or if things aren't where they're supposed to be. That kind of thing.)