Name: Hole In The Wall
Placed by: Eliza B./Moderngypsy
date placed: 06/21/02
nearest town: La Push, WA, USA
location: Hole in the Wall, Rialto Beach, WA
county: Gray's Harbor
difficulty: easy clues, moderate hike (1.5 mi. if low tide, 2.0 and more difficult if high tide.)
From Hwy 101, north or south,take the 110 west. (Also called La Push Road) Drive 7.6 miles to Mora Road. Turn right and continue to the Rialto Beach Parking Area, 4.8 miles.

Park in the Day Use parking area. To the North, find the rest rooms and the information kiosk. Follow the one trail (marked with a sign to the picnic area) and continue on the walkway as it makes a 90-degree turn. Stop at the sign about the wildlife (we saw commorants, otters, and maybe a sea lion...), and look to your left. See the circular sign nailed to the tree? It's black, red, and white -- memorize it.

Go out onto the beach and take a right. Walk for 1.5 miles, across Elinor Creek and past several huge stone monoliths, until you reach Hole In The Wall. (You'll know it because there is, literally, a huge hole you can walk through.)

Now, if it's low tide, this is easy: Climbing on the rocks, go through the hole to the beach beyond. It's a popular camping site, you'll probably have company. Walk on down the beach, away from the hole until, to your right, you see the sign I had you memorize back at the trailhead. Go over toward it. You'll see four huge stairs. Climb to the top of them, but don't take the extra two steps to the trail. On your right is a log parallel to the stairs. Under this log, at the side closest to the sign, is the box, hidden under some bark and sticks.

If it's high tide, you've got your work cut out for you. Facing the cliff, look to your right and the forest. There's that sign I had you memorize. It marks the overland trail, which, in this case, leads you STRAIGHT UP THE CLIFF and over to the other side. Steel your resolve and head on over. Once you get there, there will be another one of those round signs next to some rough stairs that can take you down to the beach again. At the top of these stairs, to your left if you're facing the beach, is a log that's parallel to the stairs. At the side closest to the path you just came from and nearest to the second round sign, is the box, hidden under some bark and sticks.

This is a well-used area. Please use extreme caution when removing or replacing the box, making sure it's well hidden. And watch the surf around dusk -- the sea otters come in and bob along the waves on their backs, cracking up dinner on their bellies. It's an amazing sight.

please also see the letterboxing USA site for all the regular disclaimers and waivers that you assume when you decide to go out looking for boxes. (blah blah blah, legalese saying that you know it's your own fault if you get bit by stuff, fall off a cliff, or if things aren't where they're supposed to be. That kind of thing.)