Just a listing of boxes I've found thusfar,
mainly so I can just keep track. :)
April 11, 2002
Schmitz Park, W. Seattle
Schmitz Park Box
Schmitz Squirrel Box
Schmitz Stream Box


April 20, 2002
Deception Pass, WA
Deception Pass Box


May 18th, 2002
Cannon Beach, OR
Cannon Beach Box


May 21, 2002
Rattlesnake Lake, Issiquah
Rattlesnake Ledge Box
(this one was TOUGH!)


May 24, 2002
Lincoln Park, Seattle
Stump Box
Vashon Island Ferry Box
Lincoln Park Slug Box!


June 3, 2002
Larrabie Park, Bellingham, WA
Fragrance Lake box,
Clam Box,
Starfish Box,
First State Park Box
(placed) Squirrel Hitchhiker! (somewhere)


June 17, 2002
Mee Kwa Mooks, Seattle
Low Tide Box


June 23, 2002
Snoqualmie Falls, WA
Snoqualmie Falls #1
Snoqualmie Falls #3
(#2 was missing at the time.)


June 27th, 2002
(my 31st birthday!)

Crater Lake, OR
Phantom Ship box


June 28th, 2002
Redding, CA
Riverside Rest Box


June 29th, 2002
Napa Valley, CA
Sugarloaf State Park Box


July 12th, 2002
Bellevue, WA
Kelsey Park Box #1
Kelsey Park Box #2
Kelsey Park Box #3


July 21st, 2002
Seattle, WA
Denny Creek Bridge Box


July 25, 2002
Seattle, WA
Kubota Park Box


August 1st, 2002
W. Seattle, WA
Camp Long Box


August 4th, 2002
Cougar Mtn
Shy Bear
AND the Jumping Mouse Hitch Hiker!

(procured with the help
of the lovely Mischief
and Candlelight in the first
IALC meeing!


August 8th, 2002
Fauntleroy Park, W. Seattle, WA
Little Lord Fauntleroy


August 13th, 2002
Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA
Unicorn Box
Pixie Witch Box
Sand Castle Box


August 13th, 2002
Discovery Park, Seattle, WA
Snowflake Box
Mitten Box
(I believe the third may
be missing, sadly.)


The first time I looked at Cougar Mountain, I got hopelessly and inextricably lost, forcing a group of teenage boys to help show my crying, lost, sorry butt back to the main trail to get back to the car after five HOURS of wandering around on a mountainside. (Yet another reason I shouldn't run off and hike the PCT anytime soon, but it's just so -tempting-....)


Next in line: Tiger Mountain, , Poo Poo Point, and the St. Ed series put out by Candlelight, who needs to SLOW DOWN so I can catch up already. :)

Goal: 50 boxes by the end of summer found/25 placed,too. Woo!


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