Cannon Beach Bunny Box

Name: Cannon Beach Bunny Box
Placed by: Eliza B.
date placed: 05/18/02
nearest town: Cannon Beach, OR, USA
county: ??
To get to Cannon Beach, drive west from Portland on the 26 until you get to Hwy 1. Follow the signs South for approximately 4 miles, then follow the signs into town. Park anywhere (there is lots of parking available), and head West to the beach.

On the beach, locate Haystack Rock. You'll know Haystack rock because it's the HEEEYOOOGE rock rising out of the middle of the water with all the tourists flocked around it like the world's first wonder. Go there.

Once there, continue south, down the beach. You're going to want to time this so that it's either receding or low tide, as certain parts of the beach become nearly inaccessible at other times. Walk as far as you can. (Approximately three miles, though it doesn't seem that long because you can see for a LONG way.) You'll know the end when you get to a giant rectangular rock on the beach. You can climb this rock and sit there contemplating the meaning of life while the sun goes down, in fact, provided you've got the right tides.

Once you've got it all figured out, climb down off the rock and head back toward town on the beach. This time, though, watch the east side of the beach -- where the stairs are. Most of the sets are for private homes, but roughly a quarter mile back, you'll find a set of very narrow piled rocks that are meant to be public access -- they have metal railings to the left (which is actually duct tape and PVC pipe). There is one set of railings, and then a lone pole as you continue up (about ten steps or so). On the opposite side (your right) are a bunch of scrub grasses and scraggly bushes. DIRECTLY across from the Lone Pole is the letterbox, hidden in the brush. You may want to have gloves with you -- the bushes are kind of scratchy.

please also see the letterboxing USA site for all the regular disclaimers and waivers that you assume when you decide to go out looking for boxes. (blah blah blah, legalese saying that you know it's your own fault if you get bit by stuff, fall off a cliff, or if things aren't where they're supposed to be. That kind of thing.)


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