So I'm watching the Travel Channel the other day. They're discussing a recent phenomenon taking place around the local Buddhist temples that is drawing a crowd from far points of the globe, and helping keep the people's faith in their chosen religion of Buddhism.

What, you may ask, is this phenomenon?

Electronic Buddha machines. Inside a plexiglass box is a Buddha that looks more like a casino machine than a religious icon. Loaded with flashing lights and simulated music, the seeker pops in a coin and in a moment or two, wisdom is dispensed in the form of a lucky number -- which is then taken over to a cubbyhole with a corresponding number. Inside, a sealed envelope gives you the answers to the questions -- spiritual or otherwise -- in the querent's mind.

I had to do this. I mean no disrespect, and researched Buddhism to find precepts that would, like the original Thai machines, dispense spiritual axioms with the future embedded. New ones will be added as we go along.

May you find the truth that you seek.

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