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I'm not one of those rigid people who looks for a certain style or medium. I really hate it when those types try to compartmentalize creativity and/or the creative process. ALL art forms are valid, and this ATC community, with its ability to look beyond gallery walls for Art is pretty darn impressive to me.

That said, I don't want to see porn. I really don't want to see hate, unless it's to make a point. I don't mind disturbing and know that some things won't be my taste, but if you've got nothing but cards glorifying rape, murder, or can keep 'em. I've got more important things to do with my time than feed your imbalances. (And I already know what a woman's body looks like; I've got one. I don't need to see graphic representations cut out of Hustler, either.)

Anything else? Fine by me.

You should probably email me first to make sure what you want isn't gone. It might be, because I'm extremely lazy about updating sometimes. If you just want to send cards and get whatever I've got in return (in other words, no real preferences), feel free to send them to:

Elizabeth Badurina
p.o. box 161
Madison, NE 68748

My partner also makes cards when I badger him into sitting still for that long. We do collaborative cards, also. If you'd like some of his, just address the envelope to Dennis Bunik & Elizabeth Badurina.